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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my kiss album... absolutely divine to say the least.

I've been searching for an album company to offer my brides and grooms but hadn't been able to find one I truly loved that was affordable as well. A fellow photographer recommended I check out a company called KISS, and based on recommendations and their site I ordered a sample album.

Well, I got my album last Thursday and just yesterday was I able to tear it out of my grasp long enough to take some pictures of it. It's breathtaking, no joke. I was REALLY busy Thursday when it was due to arrive, so I almost forgot about it until I had already gotten into bed - when I suddenly remembered and scampered outside to see if it was there, and of course it was! I opened the box right away, then ran into the bedroom to wake up my fiance to look at it. I took it everywhere with me the next few days to show off, and I've already shown it to two clients who didn't want to give it back after they looked at it!

Their customer service was amazing as well. I called and emailed them and every single question was answered promptly and completely every single time.

I'm definitely sticking with them....











Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

I checked out their site and didn't see a vendor area or photographer login/register...anything like that. So, do they work with the general public or only with us pros?

And did you design the "sample" album or just order a sample from them that was already made?

HELP! [I want one too.]

Welcome to Black Tie Photography said...


Go to the "store" page and just begin the login process to create your account. It's simple and fast.