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Friday, March 21, 2008

hints and tips : your newborn session are having a baby. Now what?

Hopefully, you are scheduling a newborn session! Click here for newborn session rates. I generally recommend scheduling it within a few days of your due date. Ideally, we like to do pictures during the first week if possible, and no later than ten days after birth. The newer, the better! Babies quickly lose that telltale newborn look and the ability to sleep through anything, including posing and being moved around. If you deliver early or late, just keep me updated and we'll move the session date around to accommodate the little one's timeline. :)

During the actual session, we'll take lots of breaks (not counted against your two hours) as needed for feeding/nursing and diaper changes. And don't worry - all babies pee or poop during the session at least once, usually (of course) during the naked baby pictures. I haven't had one where it hasn't happened! In fact...well, just look here. :)

We'll usually schedule the session to begin two hours or so before twilight, which is when the best light of the day occurs. Hopefully the nursery has a big, beautiful window; if so, we'll shoot in there! If not, don't worry...we'll scout out the best location! The session should take place at a time when the baby is usually sleeping. Feeding him or her before the session starts is usually a good idea to help put them in that nice deep sleep where nothing bothers them! To help them stay asleep, keep the entire day as quiet as possible. Don't give them a bath that morning (it can sometimes make them flaky or rashy) and enjoy an uneventful day at home.

Before the session, clear out any extra messes around where the photos will occur. You can move out smaller pieces of furniture that are easily moved (like the Diaper Genie). That will give us more room and ensure that the background isn't cluttered.

If you want fully naked baby pictures, about half an hour before the session is scheduled, loosen your baby's diaper so that there aren't any marks on their tummy or legs. For some babies, this also will encourage them to pee...which might (but probably not) help prevent it later during the session. Just keep the new diaper loose too. If you'd prefer he or she keep a diaper on, that's fine too! If you're using disposable diapers I have a diaper cover we'll put over the diaper so it doesn't show.

Before the session, bring the heat up in the room where we're shooting so that the baby will be comfortable when we get to the naked baby shots. A space heater is great for this! Don't worry about it being uncomfortable for me - I dress in layers and you might want to do the same. :)

If we're doing family shots with mom and dad in the pictures and you're comfortable with it, consider wearing something that allows you to bare your shoulders as much as possible - a tube top or spaghetti strap tank for mom or shirtless for dad, for example, to get some skin-on-skin pics. If not, no pressure - just wear a black t-shirt or something similar. Why black? It makes a great background for babies! Your hands and feet might be in the picture, so if you need to make them pretty before the session, do so. :)

For the baby, think plain, solid colors. Avoid crazy patterns on clothes and blankets. Stay away from stark white, but pastels and light colors are fine. If you have something special you want to dress the baby in, like an heirloom christening gown, be sure to have it on hand! We'll do lots of naked and diaper shots, though, to really show off that newborn look. In fact, I've done entire sessions where the baby never had a stitch of clothing on. :)

I have some props that I'll bring with me (including diaper covers, hats, blankets with fun texture, etc.) but anything you have is fantastic too - just make sure to have it handy for our session.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer!