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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

erin and jay : bellevue wedding photography

I am slowly but surely working my way through all the shoots I've done! It hasn't been helped by the fact that my computer completely crashed last weekend, so for several days I was computer-less. Luckily everything was backed up, but getting to it proved difficult. I should be fully up and running by this weekend, though!

Last weekend I helped a very close friend out - Darbi of Darbi G Photography (don't you love how it rhymes?). She's actually shooting my wedding in October, and I'm one of the photographers at her wedding in June. We joined forces Saturday for a hilarious and fun-filled wedding - we were laughing the entire time. The entire bridal party was a riot, actually.

The wedding took place at the historic Old Presbyterian Church in Bellevue. Jay was already over the whole picture thing about three minutes after we started.

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How sweet is Jay, bringing his new wife a shot? ;)

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After that we headed to the reception at Schramm State Park. It was an AWESOME venue! YUM, cupcakes!

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And a second later the champagne bottle comes out....

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One of my FAVORITE pictures ever, despite the obvious flaw.

Document Name37

Congrats again you two! You are absolutely darling. :)


Darbi G. said...

HOT. All of them.
Thank you soooo much. :)
You rocked.
And I heart you.

J Morgetron said...

I like the "flawed" photo the best too. I think mistakes some times turn out better than on purposes.

Temple said...

SO glad to see photos of those cupcakes since we weren't able to tear you away from them!!!

the pictures are gorgeous!!

Erin said...

You are so talented and wonderful. You made us all laugh as much as we made you laugh. Thank you for all these beautiful pictures!!!!!!

Emma said...

Wow. I came across this from google--and these pictures are so beautiful! Whovever took them is incredibly talented.