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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

darbi and neil : omaha trash the dress

Darbi is a fellow photographer out of Columbia, MO. She's shooting my wedding, and I second shot this wedding with her a few weeks ago. We're practically best friends now...I'm sure if we would have known each other even another month she would have had no qualms kicking her sister out of the maid of honor position and making me her maid of honor instead. We're THAT tight.

The incredible Stacy Reeves and I shot the wedding, and the day after the four of us (me, Stacy, Darbi, and Neil) went down to Hummel Park for a day-after session. You might hear these also called "Trash the Dress" sessions. However, the dress isn't usually ruined - a dry clean later it's as good as new, ready to be donated or sold or stored in the back of your closet. Darbi and I both attended day camp at Hummel park as kids, so it brought back a lot of memories.

It was really, really gorgeous out, other than the bazillion mosquitoes and the risk of West Nile.
















stacy said...

holy crap, awesome! these are killer!!!

Temple said...

well...I would have had a few qualms about you kicking me out of the maid of honor position!!

Clary Pfeiffer said...

These are the first pictures I've seen of Darbi as a bride and WOW!! she is a beautiful and Neil is so very handsome. Great job!!

erika d. said...

Hi Lara- friend of Darbi's here. Your shots are AMAZING. Congrats on a job very, very well done!!

Hanna said...

These are some of the sweetest wedding photos I've ever seen! You really captured the passion! Well done.

Chica said...

Agreed with everyone here, your photos are awesome!

xo chica