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Monday, September 1, 2008

niki and phil : omaha wedding photography : part 1

Remember Niki and Phil? Of these gorgeous, sultry engagement pictures? A few months ago, I had the extreme privilege of shooting their wedding - one of my top favorite weddings EVER. Really! It was so intimate - just 40 or so guests - at a local bed and breakfast mansion here in Omaha. Niki and Phil were the most gracious couple I've had the pleasure of working with, and I absolutely fell in love with their family, especially Niki's dad. I teared up during the ceremony and toasts and I NEVER do that! Ok, that's a lie, I always do that. But I was so welcomed by their family and I am beyond grateful that they let me celebrate this day with them.

Because of the amazing location, I'm reserving their ring shots for an entirely different post - there were so many fun places to shoot the rings that I can't possibly fit them all in here! So part two of their wedding - the rings! - will come later this week.

And now onto the main event...

Meyer Wedding-8

Meyer Wedding-10

Meyer Wedding-15

Meyer Wedding-21

Meyer Wedding-9

Meyer Wedding-23

Meyer Wedding-19

Meyer Wedding-25

Meyer Wedding-34

AHHHHH! So...beautiful....must...turn....away....

Meyer Wedding-35

LOVE her family!

Meyer Wedding-210

Meyer Wedding-46

Meyer Wedding-49

Meyer Wedding-55

Meyer Wedding-48

Why yes...this IS a bride in a bathtub.

Meyer Wedding-66

Meyer Wedding-27

Meyer Wedding-28

Meyer Wedding-75

Meyer Wedding-77

Meyer Wedding-81


Meyer Wedding-84

And the emotional toasts...

Meyer Wedding-86

Meyer Wedding-91

Meyer Wedding-92

Meyer Wedding-94

Her dad was so. completely. adorable!

Meyer Wedding-95

Meyer Wedding-96

The last minute first dance - literally! They were originally not going to do one, but decided to go for it at the last minute. So to the beautiful sounds of the harp, they danced...

Meyer Wedding-98

Meyer Wedding-101

She also got one in with her dad...

Meyer Wedding-110

Did I mention how adorable he was?? And so, so very proud of his baby girl.

Meyer Wedding-117

And so much more comfortable BEHIND the camera than in front of it...

Meyer Wedding-119

Meyer Wedding-121

I truly loved working with Niki and Phil. Stay tuned for Part Two: The Rings!


Darbi G. Photography said...

LOVE these! the colors are so brilliant. Did you use fill flash? cuz the lighting looks amazing.

The bathtub one made me laugh.
And the strawberry cake one made me drool.

I'd say that's mission accomplished.