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Thursday, November 20, 2008

amanda : omaha trash the dress

Oh, man, am I ever excited to post this blog. It's one I've been waiting to do since the second I took the pictures. It's by far my favorite shoot. And I'll say right'll want to check out the complete set, because I desperately want to post each and every picture from the day.

Amanda lives in Omaha, but was married in Baltimore, her hometown. She decided that as long as she was going to pay for her dress to be cleaned/preserved, she might as well make it worth it! So one evening, we headed out to a top secret location* for an amazing trash the dress shoot.

*Okay, not so top secret because it's where I got my engagement pics taken, where I did MY trash the dress shoot, and every time I go there we see at least one or two other photographers...but I like to think of it as top secret.

And while you're looking at these, watch the color of her eyes. It changes from blue to green to hazel, and it's awesome. I swear to God I didn't change it in post!

AmandaTTD_005 AmandaTTD_007

Yes, the second pic here is the same pic as above, just in B&W...but I love it.

AmandaTTD_010 AmandaTTD_006

AmandaTTD_020 AmandaTTD_026


AmandaTTD_033 AmandaTTD_046


AmandaTTD_068 AmandaTTD_060

AmandaTTD_062 AmandaTTD_067


AmandaTTD_083 AmandaTTD_084 AmandaTTD_086

AmandaTTD_089 AmandaTTD_088



AmandaTTD_112 AmandaTTD_118 AmandaTTD_127



AmandaTTD_138 AmandaTTD_234

AmandaTTD_154 AmandaTTD_102

AmandaTTD_158 AmandaTTD_171


AmandaTTD_183 AmandaTTD_176



AmandaTTD_196 AmandaTTD_189 AmandaTTD_198




AmandaTTD_239 AmandaTTD_237




AmandaTTD_266 AmandaTTD_267


AmandaTTD_272 AmandaTTD_271

Amanda was an absolutely amazing model. She needed no direction and had great ideas for places and posing. I would shoot her every day if I could! Thanks, Amanda, and I'm glad your dress didn't get too dirty...even with lying down in the train tracks!


Darbi G. Photography said...

this is definitely your best work yet. She is the new face...and body...and dress...and mostly EYES of Photography By Lara. What a great set.
And...I'm a wee bit familiar with the location...but I have no idea why.

Kellie said...

Laura, these are just stunning!!! Amazing work! I am a big fan!! I found your site through Darbi's wedding post a few months ago and I admire your photography!!

Shane Melenbacker said...

Hey Lara... WOW,very nice! Hope all is well.

allison said...

These are amazing! Totally beautiful and stunning! Great job. :)

Tiffanie said...

These are absolutely stunning!