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Sunday, March 1, 2009

louis and lori : omaha wedding photography

Ahh...time to post one of my FAVORITE weddings of the year with one of the most beautiful couples I've shot. I absolutely adore shooting at their reception location - the Livestock Exchange Building. Weird name, stunning location!

Some of the cast of characters...

The handsome guys.


The beautiful bride with her beautiful flowers and beautiful ring.

Luis_Lori_Small_008 Luis_Lori_Small_051

The adorable flowergirl.


I love this picture of Lori and her dad walking down the aisle. I have this picture perfectly exposed, and they received that version as well, but the grain in this picture and the way Lori's dress almost disappears compared to her dad's black suit...I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. :)


When the ceremony started, the priest mentioned that there hadn't been a wedding in that church for something like 20 years...which made me tear up and want to tell everyone to get married there!

How cute are the ringbearer and flowergirl as they got restless during the ceremony?

Luis_Lori_Small_032 Luis_Lori_Small_044


So. I can't recommend enough that if you have time during your wedding day...schedule some time to do some pictures of just you and your groom (and maybe your wedding party) at a third site. It could be a park across the street from where you're getting ready, it could be a location on the way to the reception, etc. - but if you have time for some fun pictures after all the formal pictures are done, DO IT! They are generally the best and most loved pictures of the entire day. Lori and Louis had the "Catholic Gap" (where the ceremony is in the afternoon and the reception in the evening), so we filled it with pictures in the Old Market!

Luis_Lori_Small_052 Luis_Lori_Small_083


Luis_Lori_Small_060 Luis_Lori_Small_063



Luis_Lori_Small_074 Luis_Lori_Small_088

I know this pose is cheesy and overdone. But I still love it.


Remember what I was saying about how gorgeous the Livestock Exchange Building is?


Luis_Lori_Small_090 Luis_Lori_Small_103

I can't say enough about how much I loved the details of their wedding. And orange and brown are two colors I never would have thought to put together, but they were perfect for their fall wedding! OH! And how could I forget?? Lori and Luis planned this all from CALIFORNIA. They did virtually everything sight unseen! Total wedding rockstars, these two.


Luis_Lori_Small_092 Luis_Lori_Small_114


I think this picture of Lori using two groomsmen as a chair during the garter toss is hilarious.


First dance. They performed a choreographed waltz. Lovely!

Luis_Lori_Small_135 Luis_Lori_Small_141

This picture is funny because of the ring of people surrounding Luis and Lori who are taking pictures of them. I wonder if I'm in their background? :)


Perfect finish.


Speaking of scheduling time for pictures....I love stealing the bride and groom at sunset for a picture like this.


Could it get any better??? Congrats you guys!


Darbi G. Photography said...

BEAUTIFUL images, Lara! You know, it's so good to finally see them large and in charge on your blog. Wonderful work!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lara,
It's Jenny (the Mercy girl from Rachel and Kyle's Dec. wedding.) I am pretty sure that church is the one I grew up in....St. Adalberts...and I am pretty sure my brother Matt was one of the last weddings there, 17 years ago in July. How funny it shows up here on your blog! Great pictures!

Photography by Lara said...

Jenny - you're right! It was St. Adalberts! What a crazy, crazy small world. :)