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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fool's shenanigans

I love April Fool's Day, because I love a good prank. A few years ago I compiled a list of all the web-based April Fool's jokes I could find, and thought it would be fun to do the same here. They're mostly kind of nerdy, because I'm mostly kind of nerdy. But if you find a good one that's not listed here, let me know and I'll add it. :) I'm putting these after the jump because otherwise the list is just toooooo loooooong. :)

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YouTube is upside down!

Think Geek : Unicorn Chaser

Think Geek : Squeeze Bacon

Think Geek : Ultimate Assassins Weapon Ice Mold

There's a few other ones on the Think Geek homepage but those didn't make me laugh quite as hard.

Xbox releases "Alpine Legend"...sure to do for yodeling what Guitar Hero did for guitars!

Improv Everywhere : Best Funeral Ever!

Wired becomes....JockDad!

Wikipedia is wording real articles in very funny ways...check out the "On this Day" section for gems like these:
  • 1970 – The first of over 670,000 gremlins were released into North America to crush foreign imported machines. [links to the AMC Gremlin car]
  • 1979 – The people of Iran overwhelmingly approved a national referendum to renovate their government buildings. [links to the Iranian revolution]
The Guardian (a newspaper in the UK) is switching to Twittering only.

Sesame Street is outing Bert and Ernie (I wish!). And at the same site, all newborns will be microchipped by 2010. And finally, hospital births gave way to home births which gave way to office births.

Google always has a good one - Google CADIE. Click through to the blog - that's what made me laugh the hardest. Every single annoying website thing is there, from scrolling rainbow words to flashing graphics to a busy background.

Along with Google, Gmail has their very own! Check out Gmail Autopilot (possibly my favorite so far).

And to round out the Google family of jokes, check out Google Chrome in 3D.

Keeping with the search engine theme, Yahoo introduces idealogical searches.

Okay, no. THIS IS MY FAVORITE. Flights to Mars on Expedia, only $99!

Over at the Onion A.V. Club, the special ingredient in their cooking column'll just let you click over there yourself. introduces the New Fark Experience. has a few, but one reports on the Conficker Worm Strike.

I lied. THIS might be my favorite. Photoshop has some serious competition!

Over at, you can get a bag of crap for $ $1 million shipping. A quick work RE: Woot - if you're not going there every day, you should be. We've gotten some amazing deals on things from Dyson vacuums to computers to wine!

Opera (the browser) is rolling out facial recognition!

The Motley Fool got $25 million in bailout money!

Over at NASA (yes, NASA!!), an astronaut upgrades her own head.

Fake Photoshop disaster over at PsD.

Robert Pattinson has dropped out of the Twilight movie series.

Forbes is selling one of the brothers.

The often-hilarious video site is now being sponsored by Reba.


Do they celebrate April Fool's Day in Iceland? Well, at least Bjork does.

Speaking of singers, at Katy Perry's forum, all mentions of her name have been replaced with "Pickle Staircase."

Continuing the music trend, NIN has a new album out. was sold to Axe.

Hungry? Try the Mud Pie over at

Kodak introduces the Eye Camera!

These will both only be funny if you frequent the respective sites, but both Jezebel and Pajiba posted new rules on commenting; one banning it and one moderating it. Both written very dryly, and at Pajiba it's caused a bit of an uprising against those who don't realize it's an April Fool's joke. The good folks at Pajiba ensure that the surprise won't be blown by holding back any comments that might give it away until tomorrow (that's what they did last year as well, when they declared "Sister Act" the best movie of recent times). However, a few enterprising commeters did use the age-old "write-a-poem-in-which-the-first-letter-of-each-line-spells-out-another-word" trick to get through the comment moderation.