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Monday, April 6, 2009

miss h : omaha boudoir photography

Another Miss H. boudoir post - but with a different Miss H. this time! I met this lovely lady over the weekend for a fun-filled boudoir shoot at a local hotel. It's always a little awkward at first when you've just talked to someone over email and a few days later you're meeting them while they are in their skivvies and you're pointing a camera at them...luckily, Miss H. was very photogenic and we got along great. Since these pics are of a rather delicate nature, I put the rest of them after the jump, so click "Read More" to see the full post! I'm warning you now...if you are offended by Victoria's Secret catalogs, don't click the link. :) To keep the surprise alive for her fiance and protect her privacy, I'm only posting pics that don't show her face.

Is there anything hotter than a pair of shiny black stilettos?


Why, yes...there is! Click to see what that is!





She tells me her fiance loves her butt. So I think he'll LOVE this picture.


H.Boudoir_009 H.Boudoir_010

H.Boudoir_011 H.Boudoir_017

H.Boudoir_012 H.Boudoir_016

Miss H., I hope your fiance LOVES these pictures (I know he will) and that your crazy huge 600-person wedding goes perfectly! Good luck! :)


Darbi G. Photography said...

stunning, stunning, stunning. SERIOUSLY. Love them!!

Sexy Lexi said...