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Friday, April 17, 2009

miss m : omaha boudoir photography

Last week I had the privilege of shooting the lovely miss m., who is getting married in a destination wedding later this summer! How fun is that?? I'm a little jealous. :) She was soooooo cute and brought about a gazillion outfit changes, which made the session fly by - and I don't even think we hit all of them! Her fiance is one lucky guy! :) I did something a little different with these - I usually post only the pictures that don't show the face (with her permission, of course), and I'm doing that - but I'm also including some where I cropped her face out. So if the crop or shape of the picture seems weird, that's why. :)

As always, I'll post a sultry shoe pic up top, and if you want to view the rest, click "Read More" at the bottom. Remember, if you are offended by Victoria's Secret catalogs, please do not click!


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Short little black skirt = always sexy.


Pretty much a must-have series for any Husker fans.




Another fave...she's not really nekkid under there, don't worry. :)








HOT! Miss M., you keep workin' it and I know your fiance will LOVE these! :)


Anonymous said...

WOW! She is smoking! What great pictures!