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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sneak peek : jen and chad

I wish weddings didn't take so long to edit because I have an AWESOME wedding to blog about. Jen and Chad got married eleven days ago and everything about their wedding was fun. Jen was ALL ABOUT the details, and it really shows. Seriously, wait til you see her bouquet. Or hair. Or shoes. All amazing! I couldn't resist sharing just one picture.....I used my new tilt-shift lens on it!

Okay, not really. I sadly don't have the $1200 to spare on a novelty lens. Although I LOVE the effect. So if anyone out there is looking to be a sugar daddy or sugar mama to a photographer, you can start by getting me that lens. :)

While I don't have the actual lens, I can fake it. While it's not as good as having the lens itself, it's close. And to me, this picture was just screaming for a tilt-shift effect.


Ok, I'm not gonna lie...I actually tried it on TWO pictures. I couldn't stop!


::Update!:: The wedding posts are up! You can check out part one here and part two here.


jen said...

Lara, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! I am so glad we took the adventure to get such great shots!

Benj Haisch said...

it's only novelty for some people :)

Photography by Lara said...

True, Benj....I don't want it to be a novelty for me. I want it to be my ONLY lens. :)

Photography by Lara said...

Jen, I'm soooo glad! I can't wait to get the rest done! And also glad we didn't get shot!

pj said...

More, more, more, please!

Sexy Lexi said...

How did you fake it?!?!