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Thursday, April 30, 2009

jen and chad : omaha wedding photography : part 1

Oh, wow. Are you ready for a monster post? This wedding was pure awesome. I could post 200 pictures from it and love every single one. Jen and Chad remind me a lot of my husband and I - Jen is louder and more outgoing, while Chad is quieter and more reserved. During pictures, they couldn't look at each other without laughing and smiling - they are so in love!

Jen was a dream client - she is very artistic and valued photography more than anything, which made photographing their wedding a breeze. Every detail seemed like it was done just for my sake!

Benne_Blog_001 Benne_Blog_003


Um. Yeah. Can I say how much I love her bouquet? I don't think words can express it. Made by the super fabulous bomb dot com Princess Lasertron.


Each member of the wedding party got a homemade felted wrist corsage or pin. It ROCKED.




Of course, we can't forget Chad, who had his own manly version.


(Okay, fine, you got me, I just couldn't fit Chad's into the collage.)



Even her hair matched the peacock color theme.


Most brides have their wedding party fawn over them. Jen fawned over her wedding party.


Jen is the single most expressive person I've ever photographed. EVER. I told her I could do an entire blog post dedicated just to her expressions. I love it!



You might notice something about this next picture. The scar running down Jen's back. (Watch out, this is where I get choked up.) Jen had scoliosis, to the point where she needed surgery. So she underwent a painful and difficult surgery. At that point, many guys would run far, far away. But Chad?

Chad proposed three months later.


Anyone else tearing up? Yeah, me too.


I'm sure that having to through such a difficult experience is a huge part of what makes Jen such a doggone amazing person. Did I just say "doggone"? I did.

The location of Jen and Chad's reception, Legacy Hall in Omaha, was awesome for two key factors. First, the back of it doubles as a storage yard. So what?

SO ABANDONED TROLLEYS, THAT'S WHAT! (You'll have to wait for Part 2 for the second reason it was awesome.)


Benne_Blog_030 Benne_Blog_033

Benne_Blog_035 Benne_Blog_036

I could not have had more fun with this girl!

Benne_Blog_038 Benne_Blog_040

Oh, right, there was a groom, too. An exceptional groom, at that. :)

This is as he was seeing Jen for the first time. How much do you LOVE that they chose to do their first glance in front of the broken-down trolley? Lots!!


I should say that as I was editing these, my husband saw them and said, "That's what he wore on his wedding day?? No fair! How come I didn't get to wear that??"

Benne_Blog_045 Benne_Blog_047


Benne_Blog_052 Benne_Blog_054



Benne_Blog_088 Benne_Blog_090

How amazing are Chad's eyes??



Sigh. Aren't they so sweet together?

And I hate to do this. I really, really do. But this post is already ridiculously long and we haven't even hit the awesome abandoned farmstead or the ceremony or reception. So I'm gonna leave you hanging. You'll have to stay tuned for part two.

Come back. It'll be worth it. I promise.

::Update!:: Part two is here. YAY!


Darbi G. Photography said...

Lara, what a marvelous job you did...and Jen--you planned such a beautiful wedding! I myself had surgery for scoliosis when I was 12 so fully understand what you've gone through. I admire your courage for brandishing your scar. You looked beautiful!! :)

Shyann Harker said...

Those images are perfect!! I love each one of them! You did a fantastic job!! :)

Jennifer said...

Lara, love love love make me tear up reading what you have to say about me! Thank you for being you and for being an awesome photographer.

Darbi, Thank you!! I had my first surgery when I was 15 and my second just this last November.

Jenny said...

Lara you did such an amazing job! The wedding was so unique and Jen looked so beautiful and you captured that perfectly! I'm so excited to hang some of these at my house!

MOH :)

dub said...

so, so beautiful! the shot of jen in front of the trolly made me sigh (happily in awe) so loud at my desk that michelle had to come and see what i was looking at. excellent work like usual.

Mandi said...

Your work is fantastic. I will be back and I am sure it will be worth it. Have a great day.

M. Lim said...

No wonder this post had been re-blogged everywhere. The emotions captured by your lens is incredible, Lara.

The wedding is so beautiful and inspiring :)
Although it's very late since I just discovered this post now, congratulation for Jen and Chad. Such a gorgeous couple!