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Sunday, May 10, 2009

chase and grace : omaha baby photography : part 1

A couple weeks ago, I had a fantastic shoot with some fantastic people. This shoot was one of the more personal ones to me. One, I was shooting little (not so little anymore!) Grace, who I shot as a three-month-old and eight-month-old. She's one of my favorite subjects - and how could she not be, with her big baby blues?


The second reason is because of this little guy.


His mama (and dad) are some of my best friends, and I've known them since high school. I was the maid of honor at their wedding! And I was there the night that Chase was born. Seeing Wendy become a mom and seeing Chase grow from a newborn to a six-month-old with a very definite personality has been amazing.

Wendy and Erin (Grace's mom) work together, so we all met up at Erin and her husband's big, awesome farmhouse out in Ashland for an afternoon of cute-kid-shooting.

Seriously, her home is amazing. We found this bird's nest on the porch.


And her home is fully of amazing little vignettes and details.


And, of course, two adorable kids. First up, Chaster (as I like to call him) with his daddy, Dan.


Uh, oh, check out the single dimple in his right cheek. Holy lady killer!


This awesomely worn plaid shirt was Chase's dad's when he was little (that's also where he got that dimple!).






I can't get over how OLD he looks in the next picture. You can totally see what he's going to look like as a toddler and a little boy.



ChaseGrace_Blog_055 ChaseGrace_Blog_074



Oh, he's such a little man, growing up so fast. He SLAYS me. He's also a massive flirt, smiling for anyone who will toss a glance his way (just don't try to hold him...he prefers mom and dad!). I absolutely cannot WAIT to see this little guy grow up.

Part two, starring Grace, coming tomorrow!


Darbi G. Photography said...

oh DEAR.... these are to die for!!! What a handsome little man..and I'm loving your shots!! Wendy, you have such an ADORABLE lil' family!!! YAY!

dub said...

i just love these!! i'm so blessed to have such an amazing photographer for a best friend. i have to go buy some cool new frames so i can put a bunch of them up in my house. thanks again for your awesome time and talent, sweetie!

(ps. my word verification was nebacon. like nebraska bacon. i'm easily amused...)