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Thursday, May 28, 2009

al and jen : omaha engagement photography

Oh, my god. Dude. Seriously. I was laughing the ENTIRE time we were doing this engagement session, because Jen cannot help but crack up every time she looks at Al. And that look? It's sooooo full of love.

Case in point:

Al_Jen_Blog_003 Al_Jen_Blog_001

Sigh. So sweet!

We took these pictures because Al's last name (and soon Jen's last name) is Monaco. Yes, he's somehow related to the grocer that used to be here!

Al_Jen_Blog_007 Al_Jen_Blog_008


Al_Jen_Blog_012 Al_Jen_Blog_013


It was tough for them to stand this far apart from each other for the two minutes it took to take this picture. :)


Ahhhh, that's better. The loving look...


...and two seconds later, the laughing. Al just makes her THAT happy.



Then we had some fun with a broken chair we found in a courtyard.


Al_Jen_Blog_039 Al_Jen_Blog_041 Al_Jen_Blog_040 Al_Jen_Blog_038


Then we headed deep into the jungles of Africa for the next series.

Okay, not really. It kind of looks like it just a little bit, though.


Al_Jen_Blog_048 Al_Jen_Blog_047


Al_Jen_Blog_052 Al_Jen_Blog_051


I only made them do this three or four or twelve times.


Al_Jen_Blog_057 Al_Jen_Blog_060 Al_Jen_Blog_058 Al_Jen_Blog_059

Some more giggling. I swear, Al just had to LOOK at her and she'd start. It was the sweetest thing!


When we walked by this, I kind of casually pushed down on the counter to see how strong it was...not casually enough, though, because Jen looked at me and immediately said, "You're going to want me to go up there, aren't you?" Yes, please!

Al_Jen_Blog_065 Al_Jen_Blog_064


And what session would be complete without a little sun flare? (Okay, maybe a lot of sun flare.)

Al_Jen_Blog_068 Al_Jen_Blog_069

One final cuddle in the grass later, we were done.

Al_Jen_Blog_071 Al_Jen_Blog_072

And just wait for the pictures from their wedding in June. We have BIG plans for the day-after/trash the dress session. BIG PLANS, I tell you! It's going to be amazing!


Darbi G. Photography said...

I know her!!! ;) I'm so glad that they chose you to shoot their wedding. I mean, I knew her back when she had her heart set on Joey McIntire of the New seeing her happy with Al makes ME happy!! ;)


Those are wonderful! The couple looks so in love and the colors! wow :) Good job My Lara!


I meant to say MS. Laura hahahahaha

James Bitz said...

Awesome stuff! There's a lot of emotion here.