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Saturday, May 16, 2009

sam and melissa : omaha engagement photography

First, this is my ONE HUNDREDTH POST! That's an exciting milestone for me. :) I've been boring you since 2007 now!

Secind, yay! One of Chris's best friends, Sam, is getting married later this month to an adorable girl, Melissa. Sam was actually our roommate for a while, and I've known him as long as I've known Chris - I actually met him the night of our first date! We bonded over our mutual Lebanese-ness. We've had many a conversation about grape leaves and tabouli. I'm slowly getting to know Melissa as well, and she's a doll - so nice and so easily embarrassed! Her giggle is the cutest! They have a story that I find hilarious - Melissa was working at the same place as Sam, and Sam had a huge crush on her. For months he crushed on her, and never did anything about it. Then she got a new job in Washington, DC at the corporate offices, and was getting ready to move....and then like three days before she left he FINALLY got the nerve asked her out. About time!! :) They continued their romance long-distance, until she moved back her to take things to the next level. Chris will be the best man at their wedding (Sam was at ours) and I can't wait for their wedding!

They needed a couple pictures for their guestbook table and I was happy to oblige. We hit up a cool little hidden gem of a park for a quick session.

Sam_Melissa_Blog_001 Sam_Melissa_Blog_002




Sam_Melissa_Blog_027 Sam_Melissa_Blog_009


Sam_Melissa_Blog_010 Sam_Melissa_Blog_012


Sam_Melissa_Blog_013 Sam_Melissa_Blog_016

I can HEAR her giggling in this picture. :)





Isn't she going to be a beautiful bride?




Sam_Melissa_Blog_018 Sam_Melissa_Blog_019

Okay, Sam is going to KILL me for posting this, but I think it's awesome. Look at the difference in their shoe sizes! Melissa is such a tiny little petite thing; it's part of what makes them so cute together.


Congrats, you two! I can't wait for your wedding; I know it will be amazing!