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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jennings family : omaha family photography

A couple weeks ago, I got to head over to the home of the Jennings family to shoot some cousins. Adorable ittle Grace is the youngest, and her equally adorable cousins Malorie and JJ came over to join the shoot as well.

JenningsFam_001 JenningsFam_007

Her eyes were INSANELY reflective. Look at this crop of just her eyes - you can see me, her mom behind me, the sky and grass!



JenningsFam_012 JenningsFam_010

Oldest cousin and camera-loving Malorie was the only one of the three to REALLY be into the shoot.

JenningsFam_017 JenningsFam_016


JenningsFam_018 JenningsFam_020

The middle cousin (and Malorie's little brother) JJ wanted nothing to do with the camera. We did, however, manage to get him to sit still courtesy of a few fruit snack bribes.

JenningsFam_028 JenningsFam_025


JenningsFam_033 JenningsFam_027

I managed to catch this adorable picture of Malorie and JJ. It's my favorite from the shoot and probably one of my favorites ever!


It started to get a bit chilly, so we moved inside to try to get some pictures of the three cousins together. They, however, were more interested in the fruit snacks. :)


Are they not the most darling kids in their bright plaid? I can't even stand the cuteness. :)