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Thursday, August 13, 2009

lincoln : omaha baby photography

What a little HAM this guy was! He definitely loved the camera and it was a blast to photograph him at the Omaha zoo.


His mama and I went to high school together, and she now lives in Houston with her husband and their little man, Lincoln.



Lincoln DANGER.


SERIOUSLY! His middle name really is Danger. It's tradition in her husband's family for the guys to have a middle name that starts with a "D," and after racking their brains to come up with something they loved, they realized that no one really uses their middle name much and why not have fun with it? So they did. I LOVE it!

Lincoln_6mos_Blog_008 Lincoln_6mos_Blog_009

Isn't he a complete and total doll?


These next two are two of my faves....oh, who am I kidding? I love them all.

Lincoln_6mos_Blog_015 Lincoln_6mos_Blog_016

What a FUN age!


Lincoln_6mos_Blog_019 Lincoln_6mos_Blog_020

Lincoln is a great examples of a perfect age for the mid-year shoot. Rather than scheduling it right at six months, wait until they can sit up on their own!


Lincoln_6mos_Blog_023 Lincoln_6mos_Blog_024


His mama is pretty cute herself.

Lincoln_6mos_Blog_029 Lincoln_6mos_Blog_030

She's a great writer who chronicles her adventures as a first time mom at their family blog here. And, I should point out, she just launched a website called Baby, Naturally - which I LOVE despite the fact that I don't have any kids yet. When I do, though, Kelly is one baby-wearing, cloth-diaper-using mama I will definitely be going to for advice!

I'll close with a couple fun pics I took at the aquarium at the zoo - we tried to get some with Lincoln, but....a tired, sleepy baby plus eight million people crowded into five square feet plus 100 degrees INSIDE....let's just say it didn't work too well. But I did get some of the animals.




Thanks again to mama Kelly for her patience and to Lincoln for being such a straight-up CUTIE PIE.