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Monday, September 14, 2009

the james brown wedding : omaha wedding photography

I know what you're thinking. The James Brown wedding? Like THE James Brown?

Well, yes.


I love it! I knew the second I saw Heather and Travis's "theme" for their Omaha wedding that I'd have a blast with them.

I took some quick snaps of the guys getting ready before I moved onto the really important stuff....


James_Wedding_Blog_023 the dress! SWOON.

James_Wedding_Blog_005 James_Wedding_Blog_006

James_Wedding_Blog_008 James_Wedding_Blog_009 James_Wedding_Blog_010 James_Wedding_Blog_011 James_Wedding_Blog_012

How lovely!

Two of the STUNNING bride.



I LOVE how cool and collected Travis is while waiting for his bride.


St. Robert Bellermine in Omaha is one of my favorite churches to it any wonder why?


James_Wedding_Blog_032 James_Wedding_Blog_073

James_Wedding_Blog_033 James_Wedding_Blog_035 James_Wedding_Blog_036 James_Wedding_Blog_034

The priest was pretty funny...I'm not sure if it was intentional or not! I don't recall EXACTLY what he said here...but I think it was something about "being lovers."

James_Wedding_Blog_042 James_Wedding_Blog_043




James_Wedding_Blog_064 James_Wedding_Blog_072

James_Wedding_Blog_074 James_Wedding_Blog_076

Aaaaaand you're married!


While they were mingling with their guests after the ceremony, I took the opportunity to grab some detail shots.

Her bouquet had lace from her grandmother's wedding dress.


James_Wedding_Blog_001 James_Wedding_Blog_002

A quick picture of the newly married couple....


And we hopped on the bus to head to the Old Market in downtown Omaha.

James_Wedding_Blog_084 James_Wedding_Blog_086 James_Wedding_Blog_100 James_Wedding_Blog_103 James_Wedding_Blog_126 James_Wedding_Blog_130 James_Wedding_Blog_132 James_Wedding_Blog_133 James_Wedding_Blog_134


The hilarious wedding party posed for some pictures with the couple...

James_Wedding_Blog_110 James_Wedding_Blog_111




James_Wedding_Blog_112 James_Wedding_Blog_113

James_Wedding_Blog_114 James_Wedding_Blog_115

James_Wedding_Blog_116 James_Wedding_Blog_122 was reception time!! And OH MAN....did I love their reception. It took place at the Qwest Center, of all places - and if you ever doubted that you could have a stunning, intimate reception in that giant building, I'm here to tell you that it's ABSOLUTELY possible. It was beautiful!

James_Wedding_Blog_162 James_Wedding_Blog_135

James_Wedding_Blog_136 James_Wedding_Blog_156

James_Wedding_Blog_138 James_Wedding_Blog_140


James_Wedding_Blog_163 James_Wedding_Blog_164

They had a YUMMY candy buffet!

James_Wedding_Blog_142 James_Wedding_Blog_143 James_Wedding_Blog_153 James_Wedding_Blog_144 James_Wedding_Blog_145 James_Wedding_Blog_146 James_Wedding_Blog_147 James_Wedding_Blog_148 James_Wedding_Blog_149 James_Wedding_Blog_150 James_Wedding_Blog_151 James_Wedding_Blog_152

James_Wedding_Blog_154 James_Wedding_Blog_155

When we arrived, I made the wedding party come outside for ONE more picture, because this huge curved wall was just dying to be a backdrop.

James_Wedding_Blog_161 James_Wedding_Blog_160



James_Wedding_Blog_172 James_Wedding_Blog_173 James_Wedding_Blog_177

James_Wedding_Blog_179 James_Wedding_Blog_180

James_Wedding_Blog_182 James_Wedding_Blog_186

Do you see what makes this reception really stand out yet?

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Do you smell what the Rock is cookin'??

It's the LIGHTING. The lighting makes all the difference in the WORLD. If you have ANY kind of a budget to spend on it! Take all these pictures and imagine them without the blue and purple lights in the background....huge difference, right? The lighting can really make your reception stand out. Here's another example of a wedding with amazing lighting around the wall for another reference.

I'm not ashamed to say it: I am in love with lighting!!

While everyone was eating some DELICIOUS food, I took ring shots!



And after dinner, it was time for one of my favorite parts of the evening...of ANY wedding....the first dance!


James_Wedding_Blog_203 James_Wedding_Blog_207


James_Wedding_Blog_208 James_Wedding_Blog_205

James_Wedding_Blog_217 James_Wedding_Blog_218

Then...everyone danced the night away!!

James_Wedding_Blog_240 James_Wedding_Blog_222 James_Wedding_Blog_242 James_Wedding_Blog_243 James_Wedding_Blog_245 James_Wedding_Blog_249

Heather and Travis - Mr. and Mrs. James Brown - you guys are awesome and beautiful and I wish you EVERY happiness in the future! :)


Darbi G. Photography said...

What a gorgeous wedding! The details were all magnificent! And such lovely treatment of the pics, Lara! My fave is the one from above the bride....I just love that perspective. :)