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Thursday, October 22, 2009

jenny and roman : omaha wedding photography

Has it really been since October 2 that I posted? Wow! I've been SO BUSY! Babies are being born, I'm packing up for my trip to Italy, trying to get sneak peeks out to everyone I shot before I leave! I need a couple more days, please!

So this blog is a long time coming! I wanted to space out my weddings a little bit since they will be scarce over the winter. :)

Jenny and Roman's Omaha wedding was one of my favorite weddings of the year. The details were amazing - it's so clear that Jenny has amazing design talent! Roman is from Russia (my first of two Russian grooms this year!) and he had the most diverse wedding party ever - most of his groomsmen were from out of the country!

I started with some shots of the guys. These were some of the most photogenic guys I've shot - they were so into it!


Kilishek_Blog_002 Kilishek_Blog_003


Then I met with the ladies and the two bridesmen. Love it!


Kilishek_Blog_009 Kilishek_Blog_008


Their ceremony location was amazing - the deck at 1316 Jones Street. The colors, the foliage, the all worked together beautifully.

Kilishek_Blog_012 Kilishek_Blog_013 Kilishek_Blog_014 Kilishek_Blog_015 Kilishek_Blog_018 Kilishek_Blog_017


Kilishek_Blog_022 Kilishek_Blog_023


After the ceremony the wedding party and I hopped into a couple limos and headed out for some more pictures.

Kilishek_Blog_048 Kilishek_Blog_049


And of course...we had to have some Jenny and Roman alone time!

Kilishek_Blog_052 Kilishek_Blog_055


Kilishek_Blog_063 Kilishek_Blog_059


Kilishek_Blog_066 Kilishek_Blog_067


Kilishek_Blog_073 Kilishek_Blog_075


Kilishek_Blog_083 Kilishek_Blog_084



And in an unrelated note, did I mention how awesome her bridal party was? Check out this AMAZING eye makeup. LOVE.


Remember when I said how awesome the details of their wedding were?


Kilishek_Blog_110 Kilishek_Blog_040 Kilishek_Blog_041 Kilishek_Blog_045 Kilishek_Blog_154 Kilishek_Blog_153Kilishek_Blog_046 Kilishek_Blog_047
Kilishek_Blog_095 Kilishek_Blog_096

When we arrived at the reception site, Jenny and Roman took part in a Russian tradition that involved breaking a loaf of bread, dipping it in salt, and eating it. Whoever gets the bigger half of the loaf of bread is supposed to be the one in charge of the marriage!

Kilishek_Blog_097 Kilishek_Blog_098 Kilishek_Blog_099 Kilishek_Blog_101 Kilishek_Blog_105 Kilishek_Blog_106



Kilishek_Blog_118 Kilishek_Blog_119 Kilishek_Blog_125 Kilishek_Blog_122 Kilishek_Blog_120 Kilishek_Blog_126

And a game where Roman had to identify Jenny based on her legs alone...while blindfolded. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

Kilishek_Blog_127 Kilishek_Blog_128 Kilishek_Blog_130 Kilishek_Blog_132

And the first dance! One of my favorite wedding events. So romantic!


Kilishek_Blog_146 Kilishek_Blog_145


Kilishek_Blog_149 Kilishek_Blog_150

So what most people may not have known when they arrived at this wedding was that they weren't just here for a wedding. They were also in for an amazing concert by some AMAZING singers.


Kilishek_Blog_185 Kilishek_Blog_186



Kilishek_Blog_176 Kilishek_Blog_179

Open dancing! I love how many people were out on the dance floor!

Kilishek_Blog_165 Kilishek_Blog_152 Kilishek_Blog_168 Kilishek_Blog_171 Kilishek_Blog_204 Kilishek_Blog_206 Kilishek_Blog_209 Kilishek_Blog_190

And before I leave you, I'll share some ring shots!




Roman and Jenny, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day! It was amazing! :)

P.S. How do you get a bride off a wall?



Anonymous said...

Love your work and the people you photograph. The brides dress was beautiful!

Darbi G. Photography said...

Wow! An amazing post. 1. Love the chair. It looks familiar.
2. This wedding was my fave of yours!!
3. Glad you know how to do animated gifs. Please teach me.
4. Love the new bio pic at top. Who took it?
5. I miss you.
6. I love the name Roman.