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Friday, September 25, 2009

tiffany and david : lincoln wedding photography

OH MY GOSH! I have no idea how I managed to do it, but I forgot to blog about one of my favorite weddings with one of the most gorgeous couples that I've ever had! Tiffany and David got married in Lincoln, and everything about their wedding was truly beautiful - from them to their ceremony to their reception to their details...just everything!

The "getting ready" time period before the wedding is always fun. Everyone is happy, excited,'s a great high!

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_005 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_006



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And, of course, I get a chance to scope out some of the details from the day!

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_010 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_012 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_014 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_013 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_015 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_110

Tiffany and David's first glance at the alter where - very soon! - they would be married.

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_027 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_028


I love this one of the girls in the back room waiting for the ceremony to start.


Okay, I knew Tiffany was nice. I know you're maybe thinking that someone couldn't possibly be THAT pretty and nice too, but she really is! And this picture shows exactly how nice and good-hearted she really is:


Yes, my friends, that is Tiffany allowing a small child to put lipstick on her...minutes before she went down the her white wedding dress.

The flower girl truly adored her.

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_035 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_038

Ceremony time! I love this church! St. Paul Methodist (in Lincoln). Beautiful for weddings!




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Note the umbrellas - it was raining! Good thing it's luck on your wedding day! :)

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_077 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_078

On the way to the reception we stopped at a small park for some newly-married-couple-pics. The stormy skies made a beautiful background!

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_080 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_081



Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_084 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_090

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I think Tiff and David look like they've stepped straight out of a magazine here. Killer!!


Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_098 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_099

Then....PARTY TIME! This is while we were waiting for the wedding party to be introduced.




Those brooches are a good lead-in to the reception...Tiffany did an amazing job of tying all the details together! Those brooches match the one on her dress, and....

The ones on the cake! Look how gorgeous their cake is! It might be one of my favorite cakes ever, including over my own!

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_107 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_108


Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_129 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_130

Oh, man...first dance! Swoon!



Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_144 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_146


See that candelabra screen in the background? When we first arrived at the reception location, it fell over ON TOP OF David and a couple other bridal party members! Can you believe it?? Scary! David had wax all over the back of him...and just to show you how laid-back these two were, all he did was...switch coats with another member of the wedding party. Smooth!

Speaking of David, in what is now a Byrkit family tradition, his grandma brought a pink boa to the dance floor and danced with him. So cute and funny!

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_201 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_202

Confession? I kind of love bouquet and garter tosses and am sad that I don't get to partake anymore, now that I'm an old married woman. Sigh.


Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_192 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_197

One of the many, many special things that happened during their reception was a song performed by one of their great friends, who also acted as the DJ for the evening. He was amazing!

Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_185 Byrkit_Wedding_Blog_174

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Tiffany and David, thanks for an amazing time! You are both amazing and I wish you much love in your long life together! :)


Anonymous said...

Everything was so perfect! Thank you for these special moments Lara that we will always have.