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Friday, October 2, 2009

lily : omaha newborn photography

Are you ready for some NEWBORN?? I am! A darling newborn shoot is always the perfect remedy to the Mondays. And boy, does this little girl ever fit the bill.

Meet Lilian - known as Lily.



How CUTE is she?? She was teeeeny too - my smallest newborn yet! She surprised mom and dad a few weeks early and weighed just under five pounds when I shot her. It was crazy to think that she still should have been inside her mama's tummy when I was there. Amazingly, she didn't have to stay in the hospital a single day extra - what a champ!

Lily_Newb_Blog_008 Lily_Newb_Blog_002

Lily_Newb_Blog_010 Lily_Newb_Blog_011


Look at those feet!

Lily_Newb_Blog_013 Lily_Newb_Blog_017

Look. at those. EYELASHES!




Lily_Newb_Blog_027 Lily_Newb_Blog_025

Baby smile!




Lily_Newb_Blog_036 Lily_Newb_Blog_035



Her grandma made her this cute little headband and pants set - since Lily was so early, she had to cut it and re-do it with velcro so it would fit her tiny head!


Her mom also had the great idea of putting a real lily with her in the pictures...


Speaking of gorgeous is this family??



Lily_Newb_Blog_055 Lily_Newb_Blog_056

Lily and her mama....

Lily_Newb_Blog_061 Lily_Newb_Blog_064


...and her daddy! Okay, I SWEAR Lily did this all by herself! She's already a daddy's girl!


Lily_Newb_Blog_068 Lily_Newb_Blog_069

Haha, I just realized those are all of Lily and her dad's hands, but I swear I have pictures of his face too! :) I just couldn't get over the cuteness that is a tiny baby's hands compared to her dad's fingers!

Is she not the most darling baby girl? I had so much fun shooting her and can't wait to see her grow up!


Temple & Nick said...

OH LORDIE SHE IS CUTE! so tiny too! Fabulous job, as always. I love the stocking cap pictures, the picture with the baby feet and big feet...all of them.

allenaim photography and design said...

...LOVE the adorable!

Darbi G. Photography said...

DARLING, Lara! DARLING!!!!!! A lot of babies are cute...but Lily is PRETTY. She already looks sooo girly. How perfect!! Nice job!

Amanda said...

OMG Lara, I love the feet photo!!!

Photography by Lara said...
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Dawn said...

I LOVE the photo of baby and mommy feet! So adorable. Great work as usual, Lara.

erinfaye said...

Oh my god. Most beautiful newborn I have ever. ever. seen. WOW. I'm truly impressed with this shoot.