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Friday, October 30, 2009

venice, italy : travel photography

As you hopefully know, I'm in Italy right now for my honeymoon....a year late. And there's a small possibility that I made my husband come along with me to a wedding photography workshop in Tuscany that JUST HAPPENED to be occurring at the same time we were going to be there. And maybe I planned the entire honeymoon around that workshop. And perhaps I talked about nothing else for months. And perchance I left my husband alone for hours and hours on end for three days straight while I attended said workshop.


But if I did - IF - it'd be okay because my husband is incredibly supportive and understanding and hey, there are worse places to be stuck for three days than an amazingly gorgeous villa in Italy, right?

The workshop ended last night, so today is the first chance I've had to jump online and post any pictures. These are a few from my first day in Venice - I say MY first day because Chris didn't join me in Italy until my second day. He was in Dublin for work and flew over from Dublin to Venice, the lucky jerkface!

So these are from day one, and we're on day I may be posting pictures from the trip for a while. :)





Troy said...

AWWW i want the puppy! Did he bark in italian?

Kim Mendoza said...

OMG. Venice so beautiful lovely tilt shift shots! So jealous. I Would love to hear how the workshop went. I can only dream one day when I can afford it.

Kelly said...

Those are AMAZING! I am so impressed. Any one of them would be welcome hanging above our couch. Just sayin'.... : ) Great work, Lara!

Temple & Nick said...

i hate you. mostly because i have always wanted to go to italy.

Darbi G. Photography said...

Ok, so... i hate you. I do. I hate that you're gone. I hate that these pictures are amazing. I hate that I didn't take these pictures that are amazing. And I hate that I wasn't at least THERE when you took these pictures that are amazing. So yeah. I hate you.


Margi said...

I . . .am . . .dying. Those photos are fabulous. . . . .wish I was there . . . !

Melissa said...

I think the first pic is right outside the hotel I stayed at before the workshop! Loved Venice, but LOVED Tuscany and the workshop so much more. I miss you and everyone else!

kristel wyman said...

oh my goodness, this place looks so amazing. i'm feeling a bit depressed right now. these photos are soooo good!!