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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

samar : omaha senior photography : part 1

I'm going to take a few minutes to catch up on some long-overdue blog posts. The first will be the senior pictures of a gorgeous girl...who also happens to be my cousin. Who also happens to be someone I've been baby-sitting since she was born, which also happens to make me feel OLD. Old old old. Samar, please don't graduate...I can't have someone I knew at birth old enough to graduate from high school!

We did this shoot on two different days, so I think I'll break it up into two posts. For the first, Samar's outfit reminded me of a vaguely gothic Alice in Wonderland, what with the blue bow headband - that perfectly matched her stunning blue eyes. And let me tell you...I actually had to TONE DOWN the saturation of her eyes in a few pictures because they were so bright and blue that they looked fake.

We took these senior pictures in Elmwood Park in Omaha, NE.

Samar_Senior_Blog_001 Samar_Senior_Blog_002

Here she was laughing in mock outrage at something her mom (my very adored Aunt Carol) said.


Samar_Senior_Blog_008 Samar_Senior_Blog_006

Samar_Senior_Blog_007 Samar_Senior_Blog_011

Samar_Senior_Blog_012 Samar_Senior_Blog_014


Okay, I love these next two. They look like something straight out of a fantasy movie - the amazing colors, the light, the wide-eyed innocent expression on the first...LOVE.

Samar_Senior_Blog_023 Samar_Senior_Blog_021


Samar_Senior_Blog_032 Samar_Senior_Blog_033

Samar_Senior_Blog_038 Samar_Senior_Blog_042


Could I love the colors (the moss! the MOSS!) here more?


Samar_Senior_Blog_052 Samar_Senior_Blog_053


Samar_Senior_Blog_058 Samar_Senior_Blog_061

Samar_Senior_Blog_069 Samar_Senior_Blog_065


Samar_Senior_Blog_037 Samar_Senior_Blog_070

I'll post part two - at a very familiar train station - soon!


diana said...

beautiful!!!! :)
ps. i like the moss too! :)


see you in a few weeks! yay

dub said...

holy crap, she's so growns up. i LOVE the tunnel shots. so fun and beautiful!

Jenny(momtofive) said...

Ok, your Aunt Carol....does your cousin go to Mercy too?? And there is not an ugly one in your family, is there? You are all so beautiful. These are beautiful. I do love your skill Lara! You are very gifted.