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Thursday, November 12, 2009

personal : home!

Well, after nearly three weeks in Italy (not really...more like just over 2 weeks, but I like the sound of three weeks better!), I'm home!


I'm home without my cell phone, which is currently still enjoying an Italian vacation. I hope to make it out to the Apple store later today or first thing tomorrow to pick up a replacement. In the meantime, please continue to use the (402) 882-0831 number to call me - while I won't hear the phone ring, since it's a Google Voice number I'll get an email with the message! I'll try to check my email as often as possible - when I'm not sleeping off my jet lag in preparation for the much-anticipated wedding of Jess and Mike tomorrow!

And I'll leave you with this GIF from one of the days of the workshop - this is the awesome Kurstin Roe being surprised by our stylist, Matthew Johns.



Laura Ivanova said...

Haha, I love this animated GIF!

Jyll said...

Hahahaha!!! This is awesome!