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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

emil and melinda : omaha wedding photography

So this wedding post is LONG overdue. I actually have a store of five or six posts that never got posted for one reason or another - either I left for Italy, or I just had too many posts for that week, so I decided to save them up for a slow time...which never came. So now I'm catching up on some old ones!

And it's really a shame this wasn't posted immediately, because it's one of my favorite weddings from last year and it's one of my favorite couples!

Emil and Melinda had their wedding at an art gallery downtown called Jackson Artworks. It was a beautiful, unique location and they totally took advantage of the space, as you'll see.

But first, they got their hair and makeup done at T'eez Salon. It was actually a great salon for pictures - very airy and bright. I don't normally post salon pictures, but I love this one for the repetitiveness of the mirror reflections. (Just pretend you don't see the artifacts in these pictures - the tiny visible pixels - obviously I messed something up while resizing them for the blog!)


Melinda was a dream bride, in that she understood how very important pictures are to a wedding. She allowed tooooons of time to get some amazing shots with her and Emil.

Kozel_Wedding_Blog_037 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_043


Kozel_Wedding_Blog_041 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_042

I've said it before - what a dramatic look it is to have one big, clunky necklace with your other accessories and hair being simple. Melinda looked like she'd stepped straight out of a high-end fashion magazine with the styling that she chose!





Kozel_Wedding_Blog_057 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_058

I love that she looks modern and urban, yet somehow manages to look romantic as well. Definitely a look to remember!

Her ceremony took place in the front room at the gallery. Thanks to the industrial details of the space (a garage door!), it looks utterly modern and chic.

Kozel_Wedding_Blog_088 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_090



Kozel_Wedding_Blog_108 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_110 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_112

Now, before moving on to the ceremony, you must understand that Melinda is an insanely talented graphic designer who designed and made ALL of these next pieces. Ok, well, not all of them. She didn't make the napkins (I assume. Although she's talented enough, so who knows?). But the paper details were definitely her.

The theme of the wedding was immediate from the day the guests received their (Melinda-designed) wedding invites and continued right through to the programs and to the favors (complete with the word "Thank you" printed in both English and Russian, a nod to Emil's heritage).

Kozel_Wedding_Blog_191 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_071 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_119 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_120

This is one of my favorite ideas that I'd never seen before (or since). These luminaries doubled as decoration AND as menus.

Kozel_Wedding_Blog_148 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_149

They didn't seat people by table number, but rather by their favorite TV shows (this isn't even all of them - so can you imagine the work that went into this project?).

Kozel_Wedding_Blog_126 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_128 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_129 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_130 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_125 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_131 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_132 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_134 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_136

The beautiful reception space. Isn't it amazing how well it ties into her invitations?

Kozel_Wedding_Blog_122 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_083 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_074 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_075 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_151 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_078 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_080

I just loved everything about this reception.



Kozel_Wedding_Blog_174 Kozel_Wedding_Blog_175

And I'll end with what's become a signature of my posts....the beloved ring shot (even her ring is unique and modern!).


Congrats again, several months late, Melinda and Emil! You rocked your wedding!


purplipsgiggles said...

LOVE this wedding!!

Melinda Wriedt Kozel said...

Love it!!!! Most of the pictures you posted, I chose for my house. They're so great!

avesta said...

gorgeous photography....perfect wedding!

Darbi G. Photography said...

OMG...favorite wedding ever of yours. That bride has amazing