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Sunday, December 6, 2009

wendy and troy : omaha engagement photography

So Wendy has been waiting for this blog post for a long time. Like...ten minutes after I got home from their session she was already asking if it was blogged yet. So, since good things come to those who's finally here. :)

Troy is the brother of one of my favorite people, Darbi G. He was my last and only chance to marry into the fantabulous Gibson family, but unfortunately he was already taken, by the beautiful Wendy. They're a hilarious, fun couple who are about two feet apart in height.

I'm serious! You'll see!

We actually did two sessions. The first session was at Vala's Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, just outside of Omaha.

See what I mean about the height?

Wendy_Troy_Blog_004 Wendy_Troy_Blog_006


Wendy_Troy_Blog_012 Wendy_Troy_Blog_011 Wendy_Troy_Blog_013

Wendy_Troy_Blog_017 Wendy_Troy_Blog_008

With a height difference of four feet, there are only two things you can do....hide it, or flaunt it. We flaunted.

Wendy_Troy_Blog_020 Wendy_Troy_Blog_021


Wendy_Troy_Blog_022 Wendy_Troy_Blog_024

More fun with their ten foot height difference!


Sunset came quickly, so a few days later we finished up the session at the OPPD Arboretum, a gorgeous little park in Omaha.

Wendy_Troy_Blog_032 Wendy_Troy_Blog_033

Wendy_Troy_Blog_036 Wendy_Troy_Blog_039


Wendy_Troy_Blog_037 Wendy_Troy_Blog_038

Wendy_Troy_Blog_045 Wendy_Troy_Blog_047

Wendy_Troy_Blog_049 Wendy_Troy_Blog_051

Wendy_Troy_Blog_052 Wendy_Troy_Blog_053

Wendy_Troy_Blog_056 Wendy_Troy_Blog_063

You'd think, with their twenty-three foot height difference, that Troy could easily jump over Wendy. But the above shot was the result of several attempts, during which Troy proved that, indeed, White Men Can't Jump.

Wendy_Troy_Blog_057 Wendy_Troy_Blog_058

Wendy_Troy_Blog_060 Wendy_Troy_Blog_061

I could have shot under this tree allllll day.

Wendy_Troy_Blog_064 Wendy_Troy_Blog_065

Wendy_Troy_Blog_070 Wendy_Troy_Blog_071

Troy and Wendy are getting married in Kentucky this summer, and then having a reception here in Omaha a few months later. I can't tell you how lucky I am to call them - and Darbi and their sister Temple...not to mention their insane parents - friends. Congrats, you guys! :)


TheAnaJo said...

Absolutely stunning! Those are really fun pictures!

dub said...

haha, i love the height pic in the orchard with his arm above her head. so cute. :)

troy said...

Yay, we read it and we now feel like an official couple now! Thanks we had so much fun!

Darbi G. Photography said...

Awwwww!!! Such a fun time it looks you had.... my absolute fave is the most bottom one on the left...mostly because it helps me see my brother and his woman as "sexy" and "in love"....something not easily accomplished when you're related. haha

Btw, the wedding is in KENTUCKY!! :)

Photography by Lara said...

Kentucky, there really a difference? But fixed. :)

troy said...

That's my favorite too! I looks like I actually love her!

I always think theres "unchained melody" or a Top Gun song playing to that pic.

Mary said...

Great photos Lara! They look like they had a blast. Sending you some blog lurrrve from Toronto, Canada!

Mom said...

Oh, what an adorable couple. Maybe I'm prejudiced? Well, maybe I am but they still are adorable. Love you both, Troy and Wendy! Great job Lara! And I love you too!