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Thursday, June 3, 2010

mckinley : omaha baby photography

In another shoot from around Christmas, I headed down the street to shoot McKinley. Literally. Her parents live just blocks from me! I know this little girl pretty well now - I've been shooting her since before she was born! I've also shot her as a newborn, and a six-month-old, and a one year old.

And finally, as an eighteen months old. And at this shoot? She wanted NOTHING to do with the camera. Absolutely nothing. She didn't want to sit for pictures. She didn't want to smile (not for me, anyway). She just wanted to run around and play. And run. And play. And run. And play. How her parents keep up with her is beyond me, because I was exhausted after a two hour shoot! She's a bundle of energy. Cute energy, though. Definitely cute energy.

Her parents pulled out the secret weapons for her to sit still. Books.


Jurassic Park.

SERIOUSLY! Jurassic Park is her favorite, favorite movie. She calls the dinosaurs "dodos" and swoons when they come on screen. She's not one bit scared of them, even with half a man hanging from their mouth. It's pretty hilarious.



McKinley_18mos_Blog_012 McKinley_18mos_Blog_010


McKinley_18mos_Blog_026 McKinley_18mos_Blog_025

McKinley_18mos_Blog_029 McKinley_18mos_Blog_030


McKinley_18mos_Blog_051 McKinley_18mos_Blog_049

Did you catch the name of the book her dad is reading to her? DINOSAURS. It's pretty hilarious hearing someone read about diplodocuses (diplodocii?) and pterodactyls and velocorapters to a baby who can just barely say her own name.

McKinley_18mos_Blog_019 McKinley_18mos_Blog_018

SWOON! Such a sweet smile. Little does it show that behind that sweet smile lurks the Energizer bunny!

I hope you get some sleep, mom and dad! :)