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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

samar : omaha senior photography : part 2

I could NOT decide what to blog about next. A beautiful wedding I shot this fall? A chilly family session? A chilly bridal session? Or something from the summer, to remind us that yes, Virginia, it WILL be warm again some day?

Since I'm FREEZING in my office, I decided to go with the latter. So Samar, part 2, it is!

When we last left Samar's senior session (wow, say that ten times fast!) we were basking in the warmth of Omaha's Elmwood park. A few days later, we went less natural and more urban, and continued the shoot at the abandoned train station.


Samar_Senior_Blog_073 Samar_Senior_Blog_075



Samar_Senior_Blog_082 Samar_Senior_Blog_083

Samar_Senior_Blog_091 Samar_Senior_Blog_087


Samar_Senior_Blog_093 Samar_Senior_Blog_085

After that, we went...EDGY. And GOTH. And played around with some off-camera lighting.


Samar_Senior_Blog_095 Samar_Senior_Blog_096

Samar_Senior_Blog_099 Samar_Senior_Blog_102


By this time it was DARK out.


Samar_Senior_Blog_116 Samar_Senior_Blog_114

And oh yeah...I also made her scream at the top of her lungs.


In a dark, abandonded train station.

I'm sure we caused a few people alarm....whoops!

Samar_Senior_Blog_104 Samar_Senior_Blog_115

And in case you're wondering...or you can't tell just from looking at the pictures...DAMN this girl can scream!

Samar, I can't wait for your graduation in May. :) Love you tons!


Darbi G. Photography said...

What amazingness. Her eyes and your talent make me sick. that's all. ;)

Amanda said...

beautiful! Love the bw upclose shot!

Tasha Schalk said...

So much fun! Great idea to get her to scream, and I love all the dark/flash shots. Very different for a senior session!

Fred said...

You are a very original, creative, and highly skilled photographer. Just happened to look at these pics, and they are amazing.

Fred said...


These are amazing photos. You are incredibly talented and bring out the beauty in people.

allenaim photography and design said...

I LOVE the goth stuff...fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What fun senior pictures! Looks like you both had a blast! Good job!

Fred said...

Well i'm going to comment again since you are doing your cool donation project.
I posted twice by accident before because I thought the first one didn't go.
I'm still figuring out this blog stuff.
Lara, we've got to get together over Christmas break!

fotograf warszawa said...

great session, love her eyes :)

David Redding said...

Abandoned train station! Killer location! Great work as well

Bill Millios said...

Awesome. Gorgeous girl, amazing pictures. Lucky her to have a photographer like you!

Teresa K photography said...

What a great session. I get the feeling you captured her personality to a "T"

Kelly said...

What amazing eyes she has, and what amazing shots you made! Beautiful work. :) Happy New Year!