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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sara and cameron : omaha wedding photography

Okay, I have to go WAY back here for a second...all the way to September! I had this wedding post ready to blog, and then never published it! Sorry, Sara and Cameron!

This was of my all-time favorite weddings. First, Sara and Cameron are both gorgeous, so that helps. Second, their location was amazing. Both the wedding and reception were held at the Holland Performing Arts Center. Third, their entire wedding party was awesome and tons of fun. Let's just say that this wedding had it's own hashtag on Twitter, and people were live-tweeting throughout the entire day. Completely hilarious! I'm not going to lie...I added a few of my own Tweets as well.

The room they got ready in was so bright and well-lit!

Sorden Blog_005 Sorden Blog_008

Sorden Blog_021 Sorden Blog_011

Sorden Blog_013 Sorden Blog_014

Sorden Blog_017

Sorden Blog_019 Sorden Blog_020

Sorden Blog_022 Sorden Blog_023

Sorden Blog_025

And how darling is Sara's mom, as she sees her daughter for the first time??

Sorden Blog_026

I loved their first glance. It was absolutely perfect!

Sorden Blog_027 Sorden Blog_028 Sorden Blog_030 Sorden Blog_033 Sorden Blog_034 Sorden Blog_035

Sorden Blog_031 Sorden Blog_032

Then I got to take the wedding party out for some I said, these guys were FUN.

Sorden Blog_039

Sorden Blog_041

Sorden Blog_042 Sorden Blog_043

Sorden Blog_044 Sorden Blog_045

Sorden Blog_077

How very wedding magazine is this??

Sorden Blog_083

There's not a single person in that shot that doesn't look like they came straight from the modeling agency!

Of course, we got some of just Sara and Cameron, too, but we'll get to those after the ceremony.

Which...could their site be more beautiful? So fresh and modern!

Sorden Blog_086 Sorden Blog_088

I love the intimate feel of this.

Sorden Blog_092

Sorden Blog_093 Sorden Blog_094

Sorden Blog_096 Sorden Blog_099

Sorden Blog_102 Sorden Blog_104

PERFECT first kiss!

Sorden Blog_103

They're married!

Sorden Blog_051

Sorden Blog_052 Sorden Blog_050

If I were Sara and Cameron, I'd get these next two in huge canvases and hang them up somewhere prominent. I mean...they look GOOD!

Sorden Blog_053 Sorden Blog_054

Sorden Blog_056

Sorden Blog_057

Sorden Blog_061

Sorden Blog_074 Sorden Blog_075

Sorden Blog_070

Sorden Blog_071 Sorden Blog_072

Sorden Blog_079 Sorden Blog_082

Sorden Blog_116

Sorden Blog_119 Sorden Blog_120

Sorden Blog_129

Sorden Blog_131

Sorden Blog_138

Sorden Blog_037 Sorden Blog_038 Sorden Blog_143 Sorden Blog_146 Sorden Blog_153

With amazing lighting at your venue comes amazing lighting for your first dance pictures....

Sorden Blog_165 Sorden Blog_167

Sorden Blog_170

And lest you doubt they had a fun crowd...check out their moves!

Sorden Blog_183 Sorden Blog_174 Sorden Blog_181 Sorden Blog_173 Sorden Blog_191 Sorden Blog_194

Before the night ended, I got to take Sara and Cameron out one last time....

Sorden Blog_204 Sorden Blog_205

Sorden Blog_209 Sorden Blog_210

AHHHH! Looking at these makes me sad their wedding is over. :) I loved it! Congrats again you guys!


Stacy Able said...

I love the textures and light you captured both the natural and the flash during the dance. Love the reception photos-- how do you get them without people!? Such great work Lara!

Pat G said...

Beautiful work Lara. Enjoyed looking.

Laura Ivanova said...

Lovely set Lara! I especially love the shots against the greenish-bluish tiled wall. Gorgeous!