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Friday, January 22, 2010

buckley family : omaha family photography

Ah, I've been so distracted lately with everything that's going on (working on something big, share with you soon!) that I haven't been posting as much as I should. You loyal followers deserve better! (OK, followeR maybe...hi Mom!)

A couple months ago, on a VERY cold day, I met the Buckley family for some pictures at my favorite train station! In retrospect, it was probably like 60 degrees and it just FELT cold...little did we know that we'd soon be getting NEGATIVE SEVENTEEN DEGREE weather. (Yes, you read that right. -17.)


I just love the traditional family combined with the urban my socks off!


Um, how are these kids dressed better than I ever have my entire life? Not fair. Maybe mom Jess can be my full-time stylist.


This is Lawrence, AKA Law.


Buckley_Blog_005 Buckley_Blog_006 Buckley_Blog_007


He was...not enthralled to have his picture taken. But still SO DARLING. He loves Thomas the Train, so we were able to distract him and get smiles every time a train came by.

This little chubby-cheeked guy is Anderson.

Buckley_Blog_008 Buckley_Blog_013

Buckley_Blog_018 Buckley_Blog_020

Those cheeks! Those eyes! That head! He was also a total cutie patootie.

Buckley_Blog_011 Buckley_Blog_010



Buckley_Blog_015 Buckley_Blog_016



Buckley_Blog_021 Buckley_Blog_030 Buckley_Blog_024 Buckley_Blog_022 Buckley_Blog_023 Buckley_Blog_025

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Anderson looking up at Lawrence. DARLING!


Buckley_Blog_027 Buckley_Blog_028

One of my favorites!


Jess is a very talented designer and photographer in her own right, and I can't wait to see what she does with these!


kristen said...

what a good looking family! and brave too...not sure what -17 F is, but it sounds cold!

Darbi G. Photography said...

holy wow. I love this session..things I love:
1. I REMEMBER Jess & Mike from North!! HI, GUYS!!
2. Anderson's socks
3. all their attire
4. Jess's hair.
5. How cute and dynamic they are collectively.
6. The photographer. ;)
7. That's right, you have TWO loyal that "s" is right.
8. Ok, I'm done. LOVE THIS SHOOT!

Jess said...

Yay! I visited your blog today to see what you've been up to (okay, so I stalk you. whatever) and was pretty excited to see US!

Thanks again, Lara! You did an amazing job. The prints are up all over our new house and we get compliments all the time. I can't wait to get a ginormous canvas of the boys looking down at the tracks together!

(and hey, Darbi! Thanks for the sweet comments! PS - I stalk your blog, too!)

Debbie said...

Oh WOW!! Those are totally awesome pics. And what an adorable family! Those 2 little boys....! AMAAAZINGLY Cute! Really.. that setting, those smiles, those clothes.... astounding!

fotograf lublin said...

great session !