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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

nicole and eric : omaha engagement photography

First. HUGE POST warning. Soooo heavy on the pictures. Give it a minute to load. Go get a beer. Or make some s'mores. Then come back. Worth it, I promise!

Because Nicole and Eric's wedding is coming up quickly, I thought it'd be a great time to post their engagement pictures. This is one set I've been holding onto - I don't want to post them, because then it means I can't post them again. I love this session. It's one of my favorites by far!

Nicole, who just SCREAMS vintage, styled the shoot herself. A vintage outfit here, an old suitcase there, a touch of red lipstick, and it was perfect.

(P.S. Excuse the pixelation...I accidentally uploaded the full size versions of these to the hosting service instead of the web size versions, so when I make them smaller for the blog you get those weird artifacts. That's the other reason for the slow loading. I'm so sorrrrry!)

Nicole_Eric_001 Nicole_Eric_005




Nicole_Eric_091 Nicole_Eric_010



Nicole_Eric_008 Nicole_Eric_006



Nicole_Eric_035 Nicole_Eric_056

Nicole_Eric_011 Nicole_Eric_014



Nicole_Eric_020 Nicole_Eric_015


Nicole_Eric_036 Nicole_Eric_040


Nicole_Eric_039 Nicole_Eric_044


Nicole_Eric_052 Nicole_Eric_071





Nicole_Eric_094 Nicole_Eric_100


Nicole_Eric_104 Nicole_Eric_105


Nicole_Eric_107 Nicole_Eric_116

I was so engrossed in the pictures I didn't even comment. Do I need to?? Is there anything to say other than WOW? Nicole, you're gorgeous and you did a great job with your styling! You and Eric will have a beautiful wedding and I know that you'll love living in Germany with your man!

P.S. Did I not mention that earlier? Yeah...they're going to live in Germany. Lucky duck!


heidi said...

Take my breath away amazing. There are no words for this. I am IN LOVE. Gorgeous session, gorgeous couple. I can't wait to see what their wedding is like!

TheAnaJo said...

I must say these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

dub said...

i ADORE the one where they're running for the train!!

Darbi G. Photography said...

Ok, quite frankly. There are too many favorites to single out. But wow. These are magazine quality. You rocked it. And both of them are too cute and delicious for words!!!

Looking Glass Photography said...

Well done!

Christina Sloan said...

the first series... the one on the right... STUNNING! This series and set of images in and of itself is amazing. I know you don't need to hear it, but great job!