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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

photo props

Oh, won't some upcoming bride and groom grab these?

(image courtesy of

I love them! And what a fun and unique alternative to the mustache trend!

It's a sad, sad fact that the Midwest has always lagged a bit behind the coasts when it comes to some fads. While we might be ahead of the game in music, in other ways trends that are old news on the coasts are just starting to become popular around here.

Or maybe that's just for me. I'm pathologically uncool, so it's possible it's just ME that lags behind. Today I read an article on "10 Decor Trends to Skip" and no joke...I have five of them on my mental "to do" list for our house. (For those of you wondering how truly uncool I am, it'd be the accent wall, this poster, 'boutique hotel chic', this pouf, and chalkboard paint.)

Anyway, a lot of photo trends that are well established on the coasts are just starting to make appearances locally. While every other wedding in California last summer seemed to feature kitschy mustaches* or huge balloons** or vintage books and cameras, brides are just starting to ask about it here. And you know what? That's okay! If it's an idea you love, go for it. It hasn't been done by YOU before, and that very fact will make it different than the others. But while going for it, make sure that you don't lose sight of the little details that announce your personality. Those little details are what will make your wedding so special and memorable. Every wedding has a bride and groom, but not every wedding has a pewter deer head shot glass. Or a Russian bread-breaking ceremony. Or a pair of old lady glasses. Find those things that are special to you, whether it's a nod to your heritage, a family heirloom, an inside joke, or honoring a special place, and figure out a way to include them!

*I love these mustaches...but for less, check out these, or if you're on a budget, you can go here or here!). For a similar but slightly less done idea, you could do mustaches for the gents and lips for the ladies (seen here or here). Or even less done, glasses!
**I'm guessing you can figure out where to get balloons without my help.


Melinda Wriedt Kozel said...

Oh my god, Lara. I click on 'this poster' and I immediately regretted buying this poster in blue a couple months ago.

Molly said...

I love that my family's old lady glasses made your post *smile*

landlocked bride said...

Totally love those chalkboard speech bubbles! We bought them for our wedding and encouraged our photobooth company to buy them, too!

ErinFaye said...

$65 for four mustaches!!

Photography by Lara said...

I know, Erin! I was shocked. Hence the cheap-o alternatives. :)

Emily said...

I absolutely read that article this morning and identified some bad moves on our part for house decorating! But lucky me, I know have reason #327 not to allow my fiancee to hang up the caribou!

I'm still looking into fun items for a photo booth! :)

Tracy said...

I LOVE THESE IDEAS. I guess I am WAY behind.

Stacy Able said...

for real-- the midwest is insanely behind but that means we photogs are ahead of the game as we see the wave of trend coming.. I still have yet to have a couple rock the 'stashes but I'm hoping 2010 will be the year :) Great post!!