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Friday, July 9, 2010

ledawna and james preview : omaha wedding photography

You are going to DIE when you see these pictures. Easily one of my favorite weddings! LeDawna (that's LaDONNA, as I kept NOT saying. Sorry LeDawna!!) and James both put so much time and effort into planning their wedding, and it showed in every aspect.

I was also super, super, SUPER lucky for two reasons: One, I had the pleasure of having the totally talented and completely wonderful Julie Branyan as my second shooter, and two, I got to work with the amazing Micky and Andy at Cue Motion for the first time. Do yourself a favor and go check out the Amazing Race video on their blog - it's awesome and scary on point (ok, confession time: I'm a huge AR fan. Like...I want to go on that show so bad and I've filled out the application about six time...but never sent it in. Please don't judge me!). Watch for an Andy cameo at 4:28!

However, we're not here to talk about my reality show aspirations. We're here to talk about LeDawna and James. And their vintage, fair-inspired, fire-alarm filled wedding that happened all because of 311.



...goes the dynamite. Insane, right? And people...those eyelashes are ALL real. Wait til you see it in color later in the post - her eyes are insane.

But let's back up for a minute here.

Let's swoon over her dress and shoes. I did.

LeDawnaJames_Preview_001 LeDawnaJames_Preview_002

I love, love, love this picture of LeDawna getting ready.


Oh, did I mention where they had their ceremony? At the Magnolia Hotel. One of my favorite places - but I'm biased...I got married there!

LeDawnaJames_Preview_005 LeDawnaJames_Preview_009





I managed to sneak into the hallway during their vows to get this amazing point of view.


After the ceremony (remember, this is just a sneak peak so tons more pictures to come later), we hopped in a vintage Rolls Royce for some pictures around the Old Market. I love this picture of LeDawna and James just enjoying their newly married-ness.


Once again, let me repeat. These eyelashes are NOT fake. I'm so jealous!


The tilt-shift lens was PERFECT for this wedding. They had a vintage vibe, and James described the wedding as being inspired by a French fair (yes, the GROOM came up with that - can you believe it??). The tilt-shift adds a dreamy vintage - almost whimsical - touch to some of the pictures and I feel like it fits that theme perfectly.

LeDawnaJames_Preview_013 LeDawnaJames_Preview_018



See, LeDawna, it was totally worth climbing up there in that huge dress! ;)

LeDawnaJames_Preview_016 LeDawnaJames_Preview_014

(The one on the right is one of Julie's fabulous captures!)


LeDawnaJames_Preview_019 LeDawnaJames_Preview_020

LeDawnaJames_Preview_021 LeDawnaJames_Preview_027

Who loves those balloons?? I do! I do!

Do you spy anything special in the background on the cake shot?? I do!! UPLIGHTING! I've talked before about what a difference the simple addition of a little lighting makes to a reception, and this one was no different.

LeDawnaJames_Preview_022 LeDawnaJames_Preview_023

And some sweetly romantic first dance pictures to close.

LeDawnaJames_Preview_025 LeDawnaJames_Preview_026

Oh, wait! I promised you the color version of the opening picture.


Yeah, I know. Sigh. She's amazing.

You'll have to wait until the full post to hear about the fire alarm and 311. ;)


LeDawna said...

Lara Lara Lara....I am madly in love with you! Everyone keeps telling us there is just something about our photos - they just can't place it. I tell them its magic. You are just wickedly gifted and these literally show the magic we felt all day in every inch of every shot. We would have flown you a thousand miles to be with us that day and I seriously love you to pieces for giving us these photos we will have the rest of our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Darbi G. Photography said...

It's hard writing this comment because I'm dead, as predicted, after seeing this pictures. :)
But really...this is an amazing wedding through and through. And I remember James very well from high school!!! ;) He looks dashing, but man, his WIFE!!! Holy cow! Lara & Julie, you nailed it.

Niki said...

Wow! What a beautiful couple to photograph! Those photos are amazing!

Lexi said...

LOVE!! Magic is a great word for them :)

Stacy Able said...

those shoes!! drool! I especially love the bride and groom in the bride window with all that greenery/ivy growing next to them! Good stuff

Ashley said...

Amazing Wedding girl! So many good ones I can't pick a fave! Beautiful job.

Bob (aka TimelessTransport) said...


Nice to see what happened while I was waiting at the Rolls. ;)

Beautiful couple, beautiful images!

Christina Sloan said...


Stunning... Should be a 30x40 Canvas... WOWSA!