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Monday, August 23, 2010

craig and melinda preview : sioux city wedding photography

Here's another preview that I'm blogging about a bit late (but don't worry - they had their pics right on time!). One sweltering day (and I do mean sweltering, poor couple) a few weeks ago, Craig and Melinda got married in Sioux City. I was lucky enough to again have the wonderful Julie Branyan second for me.

Melindas dress was simply stunning. A simple, elegant dress made absolutely breathtaking with the addition of a beaded belt.


And her shoes! HER SHOES!


This adorable little guy was Craig's son. Melinda is lucky to be part of his family!


After the ceremony, they rode into the sunset in Melinda's dad's vintage Mustang. Actually I should say ON the car instead of IN the car because as you can see...they were literally ON it.

Also, there wasn't a sunset yet. So it was more like "rode into the blue sky on Melinda's dad's vintage Mustang."


The ladies and gents.

C_M_Preview_007 C_M_Preview_008


C_M_Preview_006 C_M_Preview_009

How many members of a wedding party can you fit in a fountain?? Let's find out!


C_M_Preview_012 C_M_Preview_013




C_M_Preview_017 C_M_Preview_021

Favorite of favorites - first dance!

C_M_Preview_016 C_M_Preview_015

And of course...the ring shot!



Sarah said...

Gorgeous!! Love the fountain shot - made me laugh! Great job, like always!! :)

Darbi G. Photography said...

LOVE the one with the arch thingy... high five. and btw, you crack me up. ;)

Anonymous said...

You make me want to get married again just so i can have you as my photographer!! These are so great!

dub said...

Beautiful stuff!! I especially love the group shot on the big white background. You never cease to amaze me with your talents.