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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

jess and john : straigh outta camera preview

Jess and John. Sigh. I'll post more about their wedding later, but for this post all you need to know is that these troopers got up at FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING THE DAY AFTER THEIR WEDDING to do a trash the dress/day after shoot.

It was SO worth it. The light was amazing and the city - Okoboji, IA - virtually deserted.

I am going through their pictures to pick the 500 to 800 I'll ultimately edit, and the 20 or so I'll immediately edit for their preview. This picture caught my eye and I had to post it. This without any editing - I uploaded the RAW file to Lightroom (where, for you fellow photographers, I do 95% of my editing) and exported straight to my desktop. And holy wow....what magic happens when you can get a beautiful couple and perfect light!!! Of course, I'll still tweak it a little - boost the contrast, sharpen it, maybe warm it up a touch - but man. Well worth the three hours of sleep in 72 hours, John! Just look at your bride!



Anonymous said...

Just's Okoboji, not Okaboji. :)

Julie Branyan said...

So Pretty. don't you just love love? I'm sad I stayed in bed now! I can't wait to see it edited.

allenaim photography and design said...

oh lovely...great shot...where can I hire a bride that will shoot at 5 AM?? :)

Concrete said...

She must smell nice.


Christina Sloan said...

I love straight out of camera shots. I actually use many of mine. Digging your blog today... can you tell.