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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

madison : 8th grade graduation

Remember a while ago I wrote about getting to speak to that 8th grade class about photography? A couple weeks ago, I got to take pictures for Madison, one of the young ladies who won a portrait session by completing an essay for the class. She is ADORABLE. She brought her two best friends - one of them is her cousin - with her to keep her laughing, and we made sure to get some pictures of the three of them.

But we started with Madison.

Madison_Blog_007 Madison_Blog_008

How gorgeous is this girl? Amazing eyes, perfect features.

Madison_Blog_009 Madison_Blog_010

Madison_Blog_012 Madison_Blog_013


Some pictures of the girls being silly together...picture perfect friendship.


Madison_Blog_026 Madison_Blog_024

The one on the left is the cover of their country album; the one on the right is the cover of their all-girl pop group album.

Madison_Blog_029 Madison_Blog_033



Back to Madison!

Madison_Blog_004 Madison_Blog_005

Madison_Blog_036 Madison_Blog_035

Team City Crew, holla!


On the right; yet another favorite. Love that blue!

Madison_Blog_028 Madison_Blog_044

Madison_Blog_001 Madison_Blog_014

Something about this one is a favorite. The colors? The SMIZING she's doing? Tyra would love it.


But I can't decide between color and this cool blue toned one.


What do you think?

Madison_Blog_018 Madison_Blog_030

Another fave. The sunflare, the hair, the tilt-shift....I love it all.


We ended the day, just before it got too dark to continue, with a couple more pictures of the three of them doing exactly what I imagine I'd do in a picture with my friends if I was 14.



And with that, I say "Peace Out."

Do they still say that?


Samar! said...

BEAUTIFUL girls! =]

Darbi G. Photography said...

Oh wow, lara. Lots of faves. The sunflare of course...and then the pop group shot from above. haha

And I think I choose B&W of the two cuz something about those eyes makes them more piercing when in B&W. :) HIGH fIVE!

Anonymous said...

Lara, these are GORGEOUS! Love the black and white. - Trisha