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Friday, September 2, 2011

jessica and justin : nebraska city wedding photography

I'll be randomly catching up on posting some work that I did while on pregnancy leave. To start, here's the absolutely beautiful wedding of Jessica and Justin, that took place at Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony (it was just a BIT hot) and a fun indoor reception (Arbor Lodge also has space for outdoor parties, including in an old barn!).

Jessica took advantage of the big rustic timbers in each guest room when getting strapped into her dress.


I love the green door that peeks in during their first glance pictures.


Their wedding party? BROUGHT IT.



Best picture of all time? YES.


Some might argue this is cheesy. I argue this is ADORABLE KITSCH.


She. is. GORGEOUS. Swoon. And I looooove her veil.



Swanson_Previews_21 Swanson_Previews_22

Swanson_Previews_13 Swanson_Previews_14

That amazing outdoor ceremony. A bit hot and humid, but so very pretty.


The first picture was a total throwaway and accident, but I LOVE it. So very much.

Swanson_Previews_18 Swanson_Previews_25

Another...well, not accident. But definite risk. Not posed at all! They went to do the shot, I stuck my camera low and shot up and had no idea what I was getting. And I got this perfect moment of joy, fun, and camaraderie between friends.


I'm a sucker for bouquets and rings.

Swanson_Previews_20 Swanson_Previews_11

Their wedding was too much fun and tooooo gorgeous. You could tell how much love and work Jess put into it. Congrats you guys!