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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

jessica and justin : omaha engagement photography

I showed you their wedding...let's back up and look at their engagement pictures! These were taken at Lauritzen Gardens here in Omaha...a gorgeous, gorgeous location. And they, as you already know from their wedding, are a gorgeous, gorgeous couple.

They actually got married at city hall on this day, which I will always remember because it's my birthday (and Jess brought me flowers - how sweet!). They had to do it early because Justin is in the armed forces and was deploying. So yes, in the wedding post, they were technically already married. My third such couple, and I have one more wedding coming like that! I thought it was a great idea to do the "engagement" pictures on the same day as the wedding so that they'll always have these pictures to remember it.

JessJustin_Preview_001 JessJustin_Preview_002



JessJustin_Preview_004 JessJustin_Preview_008



A: Did you notice her shoes??!?! and B: Could the light have been any more perfect? Crazily enough, we missed a huge thunderstorm by minutes when we were leaving!

JessJustin_Preview_012 JessJustin_Preview_014




JessJustin_Preview_016 JessJustin_Preview_017



They were truly one of my favorite couples to photograph. She's so ridiculously photogenic! (And so is Justin, if I'm being honest.) They really made my job easy.

I hope you guys are enjoying married life!


Dallas WEdding Photographer said...

I love it when the couples are so ready to have fun and just let the photographer capture the emotions !!