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Sunday, August 19, 2012

laura and perri : omaha engagement photography

The only thing I can say about Laura and Perri is that they are AWESOME. Easily one of the most awesome couples I've ever worked with...and Laura uses Instagram almost as much as I do, so that's another win.

She has a great eye for detail and her and Perri could not be more in love (which, of course, *I* love!).

She loves tilt-shift photography so I got to use it a lot. WIN.


Laura had but one request: to recreate the pose on this Star Wars trading card. DONE.

Pryor_Previews_066 Pryor_Previews_065
Pryor_Previews_013 Pryor_Previews_063
Pryor_Previews_041 Pryor_Previews_058
Pryor_Previews_031 Pryor_Previews_039

Breathtaking, am I right?!? Sigh. Laura. So pretty.

Pryor_Previews_022 Pryor_Previews_044

Their wedding was spectacular. I can't wait to share pictures from IT! I know you guys are loving married life...keep it up! Your love is such an inspiration!